Official Updated Statement from Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice, Lisa Simpson, mother of Richard Risher, and the Collective


After Tamir and Richard were murdered, when we had to bury our sons, we didn’t see ‘Black’, ‘Lives’, or ‘Matter’. Our DNA changed when our sons were murdered. It took breath out of our bodies. When y’all go home, y’all chant “Black Lives Matter!” When we go home, we miss our sons. We don’t need y’all to stand in front of us to tell our story. We need y’all to stand in back of us, and lift us up! If…


A revolution needs longevity more than it needs martyrs

Photo illustration. Sources: urbazon/Alejandra Fisichella/EyeEm/Martin Barraud/Getty Images

This piece is part of The Uprising Marches On, a package on what’s next for the movement for Black lives.

At the dawn of my tenure as a community organizer in Atlanta nearly seven years ago, the people with whom I organized all agreed that it was important that we create a nonhierarchical leadership structure: shared resources, more room for collaborative projects, no formal leadership roles, and collective power for all. We were, as we thought, committed to creating spaces wherein everyone who cared to have input had the room to do so. We were trying to move away from…

[pictured: Lil Wayne, center, with blink-182. image by: Randall Slavin]

blink-182’s sophomore LP, ‘Dude Ranch,’ was dubbed one of the greatest pop-punk albums ever created by Rolling Stone. On Monday, May 6, blink-182 and Dwayne Carter, best known as Lil Wayne — who sits with twelve studio albums, nine collaborative albums, two EPs, and twenty mixtapes under his belt — announced that they would be co-headlining a North American 2019 Summer Tour. They also released a mashup, in which blink-182 is singing one of their classic hits “What’s My Age Again?” …

I have known sexual assault more intimately than I have known most of my sexual partners. For years, it has been central to a lot of my writing, my organizing practices, and the ways in which I navigate the world. In that way, sexual violence is not foreign to me; for as far back as I can remember, men have used my body as their playground — finding the fun and the safety in hiding from themselves, and hiding themselves from others, with no regards for how damaging it was for me. I have written about some of my assaults…

For the past week, I have felt alone and unrecognizably sad. I have been fatigued and irritable. These emotions are not unfamiliar to me, though, as I have lived with major chronic depression and anxiety since I was a child. Still, it was not until recently that I was able to grapple with why I would never be able to truly process these feelings.

Neurotypical people oftentimes are allowed to sit with their emotions and work through them. I, however, do not always have that luxury. In the summer of 2017, I began experiencing some of the worst panic attacks…

Combining Words with Action

Written by: Da'Shaun Harrison and Clarissa Brooks

In the following, Clarissa Brooks and I answer five important questions (listed below) about our introductions to organizing, the importance of reading as organizers, and we discuss some of our favorite writers and their work.

  1. What was your introduction to activism and how has it shaped your life?
  2. How important is it to blend being an organizer and a writer?
  3. How important is reading articles, books, and literature by folks with a global lens?
  4. What books, authors, and activists have shaped the work you do?
  5. In your everyday life…

Illustration Source

Written by: Da'Shaun Harrison

Since the mid-1800s, rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased. This phenomenon, along with other drastic environmental shifts, is referred to as climate change. Climate change, as defined by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), is a change in Earth’s climate that is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity. An example of this is the incessant deforestation and burning of fossil fuels that humans have continued for decades. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a gas that traps heat, and thus sends this gas into the atmosphere when they are destroyed. This is…

Illustration source

Written by: Da’Shaun Harrison

Recently I have been wrestling with an inundating amount of queer-antagonism and most of it has been at the hands of Christians. [Not so] coincidentally, I have also been struggling with severe anxiety. This revelation is not new, for me or any other queer disabled person. This is specifically for Christians.

If one claims to care at all about the mental and/or physical well-being of an individual, or individuals, but is actively and openly anti-queer/(trans)misogynistic, they should do themselves, and all of us queer folk, a favor and stop being dishonest. Being concerned with our mental health does not look…

Da'Shaun Harrison

A Black queer abolitionist organizing, writing, teaching, studying, and loving my way to freedom.

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